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The Ministry of Planning, Development and Reform herby establishes- Young Development Corp, to be known also as YDC. This constitution contains the rules and regulations for its governance and is binding upon each member of the Young Development Corp.

Young Development Corp is an initiative by the Planning commission of Pakistan in the light of vision 2025 to establish a link between youth and Planning Commission in order to use the intellectual/social capital of the country.YDC seeks to ensure the presence of Planning Commission in the top notch universities of Pakistan. The project plans to transform youth into Champions of Reforms by engaging them into purposeful activities based on YDC objectives aiming to steer Pakistan towards growth and development which is inclusive and focuses on using the intellectual capital of the country. The main objectives that this project strives to achieve are as follow:

• To actively mobilize youth to participate in the socio-economic development of Pakistan.

• To disseminate information about the framework of Vision 2025 and to create awareness regarding pressing national development issues among university students.

• To take the Vision 2025 goals and pillars down to university level in order to generate input from the youth in a participatory manner.

• To engage students in development discourse to transform the national narrative into a positive one.

• To launch various campaigns, events and competitions in the light of Vision 2025 and Planning Commission’s development plans/policies.

• To create a talent pool from which students can be recruited and selected for Summer Internship program as well as Young Development Fellowship and for the development sector at large.

• It will create a positive impact on youth and society through civil/community engagement.

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